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A monster is a NPC that spawns on the Kingdom Map. Monsters can be hunted, to obtain loot. Monsters in Lords Mobile can be placed in four categories.

Monster.png Normal Monsters

These monsters spawn on a daily basis, and will remain on the Kingdom Map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or until they are killed. When these monsters are killed, a new monster of the same type will spawn nearby.

Each monster remains in the Kingdom for 48 hours. This period normally starts at 12:00 SGT (Singapore time; as IGG are based there).

Since November 2020 and the release of the Hootclaw and the Cottageroar, three monsters can appear at any one time

Since February 2021 and the release of the Gawrilla (renamed from Tusker), up to four monsters can appear at any one time in the kingdom.

Since July 2021 a new monster was added to the kingdom, Necrosis. In October of 2021, the Arctic Flipper, usually seen during Guild Bash, was added to the normal monster rotation.

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Arctic Flipper Icon.png Arctic Flipper Blackwing Icon.png Blackwing Bon Appeti Icon.png Bon Appeti
Cottageroar Icon.png Cottageroar Frostwing Icon.png Frostwing Gargantua Icon.png Gargantua
Gawrilla Icon.png Gawrilla Grim Reaper Icon.png Grim Reaper Gryphon Icon.png Gryphon
Hardrox Icon.png Hardrox Hell Drider Icon.png Hell Drider Hootclaw Icon.png Hootclaw
Jade Wyrm Icon.png Jade Wyrm Mecha Trojan Icon.png Mecha Trojan Mega Maggot Icon.png Mega Maggot
Undead Ogre Icon.png Necrosis Noceros Icon.png Noceros Queen Bee Icon.png Queen Bee
Saberfang Icon.png Saberfang Snow Beast Icon.png Snow Beast Terrorthorn Icon.png Terrorthorn
Tidal Titan Icon.png Tidal Titan Voodoo Shaman Icon.png Voodoo Shaman

Monster Rotation

Each normal monster spawns for two consecutive days, and there are always at least two different monsters available on the Kingdom Map. For example, on one day the Noceros and Mecha Trojan will appear on the Kingdom Map; the next day, the Mecha Trojan and Queen Bee will appear. Note that the monster rotation cycle changes, especially after maintenance is carried out and / or game updates add more monsters to the rotation list.

Monster 1.png One Hit Monsters

These monsters spawn during special events like Code 66. They can be killed with 1 Hero, 1 Energy, 1 Hit, and drop 1 Loot item.

Animare Icon.png Animare Bouldur Icon.png Bouldur Evil Weevil Icon.png Evil Weevil
Gemming Gremlin Icon.png Gemming Gremlin Goblin Icon.png Goblin Goal Bandit Icon.png Goal Bandit
Krabby Icon.png Krabby Pumpkinator Icon.png Pumpkinator Totempest Icon.png Totempest
Trickstar Icon.png Trickstar Troubledough Icon.png Troubledough Undead Ogre Icon.png Undead Ogre

Monster 3.png Multiple Hit Monsters

These monsters spawn during special events like Phantom Pains. During these events 10 monsters will spawn in random locations throughout the Kingdom every 3 hours. The energy cost to hunt these monsters in the same as normal monsters.

They drop large amounts of Holy Stars and Speed Ups, and all members of the guild that deal the killing blow will receive an Alliance Chest.

Bon Appeti Icon.png Bon Viveur Phantom Knight Icon.png Phantom Knight Serpent Vizier Icon.png Serpent Vizier

Monster 2.png Guild Event Monsters

These monsters are summoned by Guilds during events like Guild Bash, when enough points have been scored collectively by all members, to reach the Monster Crests.

These monsters give 0 rewards when hit. All members of the guild that summon one of these monsters, will receive the Summon Bonus. All members of the guild that deal the killing blow on one of these monsters, will receive the Slayer Loot.

The energy cost to hunt these monsters is 1, and they have high HP. The damage multiplier can't be used, but consecutive hunting damage boost still applies.

Arctic Flipper Icon.png Arctic Flipper Goal Bandit Icon.png Goal Bandit Huey Hops Icon.png Huey Hops
Hoarder Icon.png Hoarder Pumpkinator Icon.png Pumpkinator

Bug.png Bugs

  • Some monsters may not be visible on the Kingdom Map, even though they have spawned. Restarting the game will often fix this bug.
  • Normal monsters may fail to spawn at the exact spawn times, when One Hit monsters are spawning simultaneously. Killing the One Hit monsters will improve the spawn rate of the Normal monsters.

Monster.png Monsters
Normal Monsters Arctic FlipperBlackwingBon AppetiCottageroarFrostwingGargantuaGawrillaGrim ReaperGryphonHardroxHell DriderHootclawJade WyrmMecha TrojanMega MaggotNecrosisNocerosQueen BeeSaberfangSnow BeastTerrorthornTidal TitanVoodoo Shaman
Guild Event Monsters Arctic FlipperGoal BanditHoarderHuey HopsPumpkinator
One Hit Monsters AnimareBouldurEvil WeevilGemming GremlinGoblinKrabbyTotempestTrickstarTroubledoughUndead Ogre
Multiple Hit Monsters Bon ViveurPhantom KnightSerpent Vizier

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