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Pacts are items used to summon Familiars. When a Pact is opened, there is a chance to receive a Familiar Rune, or a number of Fragments.


Pacts are produced by merging Anima with other resources in the Mystic Spire. Pact 1 is unlocked by default; complete research in the Academy to unlock higher level Pacts. Some Pacts can only be obtained through Special Events or by purchasing special bundles; these Pacts typically give only 1 type of Familiar Rune.

List of Pacts[]

Pact Familiar Runes Fragments
Pact 1A Icon.png
Pact 1A
Jaziek Rune.png Engineer Rune.png Oakroot Rune.png Magmalord Rune.png Territe Rune.png Fragment.png x1
Pact 1B Icon.png
Pact 1B
Yeti Rune.png Beastmaster Rune.png Terraspike Rune.png Gnome Rune.png Aquiris Rune.png Fragment.png x1
Pact 2A Icon.png
Pact 2A
Sorcerer Rune.png Strix Rune.png Evil Weevil Rune.png Totempest Rune.png Tempestite Rune.png Fragment.png x4
Fragment.png x3
Fragment.png x2
Pact 2B Icon.png
Pact 2B
Harpy Rune.png Bonehead Rune.png Krabby Rune.png Bouldur Rune.png Pyris Rune.png Fragment.png x4
Fragment.png x3
Fragment.png x2
Pact 3 Icon.png
Pact 3
Mole Shaman Rune.png Magus Rune.png Goblin Rune.png Gemming Gremlin Rune.png
Trickstar Rune.png Noceros Rune.png Gryphon Rune.png
Fragment.png x12
Fragment.png x6
Fragment.png x3
Pact 4 Icon.png
Pact 4
Snow Beast Rune.png Mega Maggot Rune.png Saberfang Rune.png Hoarder Rune.png
Mecha Trojan Rune.png Tidal Titan Rune.png Hell Drider Rune.png Grim Reaper Rune.png
Fragment.png x24
Fragment.png x12
Fragment.png x6

Special Pacts[]

Pact Familiar Runes
Gargantua Pact.png
Gargantua Pact
Gargantua Rune.png
Bon Appeti Pact.png
Bon Appeti Pact
Bon Appeti Rune.png
Huey Hops Pact.png
Huey Hops Pact
Huey Hops Rune.png
Queen Bee Pact.png
Queen Bee Pact
Queen Bee Rune.png
Frostwing Pact.png
Frostwing Pact
Frostwing Rune.png
Blackwing Pact.png
Blackwing Pact
Blackwing Rune.png
Jade Wyrm Pact.png
Jade Wyrm Pact
Jade Wyrm Rune.png
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