Petite Devil is a Paid to play hero in Lords Mobile.

Let's play a game of life and death!


List Background Edit

Beatrix is a mischievous and powerful devil. Strangely, she had a heart of gold. For that, she was banished by her brethren.

Though kind at heart, her thoughts on death and dismemberment startle others. For the rest of her life she was feared by many.

Petite Devil medal How To ObtainEdit

The Petite Devil can be acquired by purchasing bundles.



The Playful Devil

  • The package comes around every 3 weeks depending on rotation schedule.
  • The packs gives 15/15/20/35 medals.
  • Cost of packs: $4.99, $19.99, $49.99, $99.99
  • Cost to max with $4.99 packs option: $165
    Cost to max with one shot option: $800

ThePlayfulDevil package
Starting pack

A New Adventure

  • The package is available from the beginning of the game as a player starter kit. These packs can only be purchased once.
  • The packs gives 15/20/20 medals.
  • Cost of packs: $1.99, $4.99, $19.99
  • Cost to max: $ ?
ANewAdventure package
Starting pack
Hero Medals
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Total
10 20 50 100 150 330

Battle Skills Edit

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Devil's Temptation

Deals XXX Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops

105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Research Boost +1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Ranged HP Boost +2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Ranged ATK boost +1.5% +3% +6% +12% +30%

Hero Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Devil's Lullaby: Sings an ominous lullaby, dealing damage to all enemies and inflicting Stun for 5s.

Active 1 Edit

Annoying Flash: Unleashes a mid range blinding ray at the target, dealing damage to all enemies in a line and restoring own HP.

Active 2 Edit

Prank: Lobs a bomb at the target, dealing damage and Magic DMG for 6s.

Passive 1 Edit

Devil's Lineage: Beatrix's lust for the dark powers defines the devil in her. Increases MATK.


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