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During the Phantom Pains event, Phantom Knights will spawn in random locations throughout the Kingdom Map every 3 hours.

Monster 3.png Monsters[]

10 Phantom Knights will spawn every wave. Find, hunt and kill the monsters to obtain loot. Unlike regular Monsters, it is better to do as little damage to Phantom Knights as possible, as this allows more players to receive Speed Up Research and Holy Stars from attacking it. Therefore, the player should only use one hero (any hero, as low level as possible), and don't use the DMG Boost option to prevent doing increasing damage, as well as getting multiple rewards in one hit. Players should also avoid using Monster Hunter ATK Boost items or using equipment from Hunter Set.

Reward.png Rewards[]

Speed Up Item Resource
Research 3d

Research 24h

Research 15h

Research 8h

Research 3h

Holy Star 5,000

Holy Star 1,000

Holy Star 500

Holy Star 200

Gold 600K

Killing Gift: Alliance Chest.png Alliance Chest (content random)

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