EXP Introduction

Player EXP is the experience of the player. There are 60 Player EXP levels. A player's current level can be viewed in their Profile window.

Player EXP is needed to gain Talent Points, equip higher level Equipment and increase Hero and Familiar Levels.

Question How to Obtain

Player EXP can be earned by completing various projects, activities and Quests, and using Player EXP items.

Monster Hunting

Whenever players hunt a monster they will be rewarded Player EXP. The higher level the monster, the more Player EXP they will earn. Hunting higher level monsters takes more Energy so hunting higher level monsters doesn't equate to getting more EXP. It seems to be proportionate to the amount of energy spent.

Forging Equipment

When an Equipment has been successfully forged players will be awarded Player EXP for the completion of the equipment. The higher level grade, not level, determines the amount of Player EXP awarded. The higher level grade the more exp gained.

Completing Guild or Admin Quests

Whenever players complete a Guild Quest or an Admin Quest, the will earn Player EXP. The higher level quest, the more it will give (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary).

Engaging Enemy Troops

If players engage an enemy Troops they will receive Player EXP.

Completing or sweeping Hero Stages

Every time that players complete a Hero Stage they will earn Player EXP. When players sweep hero stages they will see the amount of Player EXP off to the right. The higher hero stages give more Player EXP. Sweeping an Elite hero stage gives twice the Player EXP as the same normal stage due to the 2x Energy cost.


Whenever players battle someone in the Colosseum they will earn Player EXP.

Completing Turf Quests

Eye Main article: Turf Quests

Box Tips

Player levels 1-50 are very easy and will take no time compared to the last 10 levels. Levels 50-55 take more Player EXP (around 1.2M) and take some time but not an over-abundant amount.

When Player EXP Level 56 is reached the amount of experience needed grows exponentially. Planning ahead can help players combat this and gain Player EXP faster.

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