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Where the Goddess performs miracles.

The Sanctuary is located on a small island in the player's Turf, next to the Transmutation Lab. The Sanctuary takes in wounded Troop that cannot enter a full Infirmary.


The Sanctuary can only be accessed once the player has received dead troops in battle after their Infirmary has been filled. Approximately 80% of these dead troops are sent to the Sanctuary. The max capacity of the Sanctuary is determined by the Castle level, with the max capacity at Castle level 25 being 1,250,000 troops. Players with troops in the Sanctuary can still enter the Dragon Arena.

Note.pngNote: Troops killed in Wonder Battles will not be able to enter the Sanctuary.


Devotion is used to resurrect troops. Devotion is accumulated over time; the production rate is determined by the Castle level, and by the emptiness of your Infirmaries. Your Max Devotion depends on the current number of troops in your Sanctuary. The Devotion cost to resurrect troops depends on the Tier of troops that were killed.

Troop Tier Cost per Troop
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 5
5 10

Devotion will continue to accumulate until there is enough to resurrect every troop currently in your Sanctuary. Troops in the Sanctuary can also be dismissed.

Divine Tasks[]

Devotion can also be earned by completing Divine Tasks. The number of tasks is limited, and will reset at the daily reset time.

Divine Tasks
Task Amount Required Devotion
Complete Admins/Guild Quests 20 18,600
Open Mystery Boxes 5 15,500
Gather Food 450,000 15,500
Gather Timber 450,000 15,500
Gather Stone 450,000 15,500
Gather Ore 450,000 15,500
Gather Gold 150,000 15,500
Complete Hero Stages 10 12,400
Hit Monsters 10 12,400
Send Helps to your guildmates 20 12,400
Get Dark Essences 2 12,400

Keep in mind that any amount of Devotion earned from Divine Tasks over the Max Devotion will be lost.

Divine Providence[]

A percentage of troops in the Sanctuary will be sent to Divine Providence, and will be available to collect for free over periods of time.

Trivia.png Trivia[]

The Sanctuary was released in the June 4th, 2020 update.

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