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A Shield is a usable item that protects Turfs from scouts and attacks. It does not protect against Familiar skills. Shields can be purchased in the Gem Mall and Guild Shop, and can be obtained from rewards by Solo and Hell Events, and from Monster hunts. Shields can't be equipped in the Wonder's Province; Relocating into a Wonder's Province will drop any active Shield.

Shield Price
4-hour Available from events and monsters
8-hour 500 Gems
150,000 Guild Coins
24-hour 1,000 Gems
3-day 3,500 Gems
7-day 10,000 Gems
14-day 25,000 Gems

Note.png Note: During longer periods of unscheduled maintenance, players will be automatically equipped with a Maintenance Shield, which is a different item. 

Also, keep in mind that the 24-hour shield is the cheapest. The others, while longer or shorter, are overpriced.

Candy Shield.png A special Candy Shield variety has been obtainable in past Events. They protect your Turf from attacks and scouts for 10 minutes.

Defense Record[]

A Defense Record is available that lists several of your most recently-used Shields, and the start and end times for these Shields (an estimate is given for an ongoing Shield). To view the Record, click on the small Records button to the right of the Turf Defenses section on the Turf Boosts page.

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