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Some Familiars require the help of Skillstones to activate their skills. Skillstones are unique to each familiar and can only be made when they reach Elder Stage.

Most Skillstones can be made in the Mystic Spire by merging Anima and either Ancient Cores or Chaos Cores, depending on the strength of the skill. Only the Gryphon's skill does not require cores.

The cost for 1 Ancient Core is 1000 Gems, and 1 Chaos Core is 7500 Gems. To buy them in bundles of 10 are 9500 and 71250 Gems, respectively.

List of Skillstones[]

Skillstone Name Skill Cores Resources Merging Time (est.)
Infernite Skillstone.png
Barbecue Chicken.png
Blazing Trail
Ancient Core.png 5 Anima.png 803K 08:30:00
Gryphon Skillstone.png
Homeward Bind
None Anima.png 1.2M
Food.png 1.92M
Timber.png 1.92M
Stone.png 1.92M
Ore.png 1.92M
Gold.png 453K
Mega Maggot Skillstone.png
Mega Maggot
Poison Paradise.png
Ancient Core.png 9 Anima.png 481K 08:30:00
Tidal Titan Skillstone.png
Tidal Titan
Colossal Tide.png
High Tide
Chaos Core.png 6 Anima.png 1.27M 16:30:00
Mecha Trojan Skillstone.png
Mecha Trojan
Trojan Horse
Chaos Core.png 18 Anima.png 3.82M 2d 01:30:00
Grim Reaper Skillstone.png
Grim Reaper
Supersonic Attack.png
Kiss of Death
Chaos Core.png 24 Anima.png 5.1M 2d 18:00:00
Frostwing Skillstone.png
Frost Bite
Chaos Core.png 15 Anima.png 3.06M
Queen Bee Skillstone.png
Queen Bee
Venom Shot.png
Poison Sting
Chaos Core.png 12 Anima.png 2.55M
Huey Hops Skillstone.png
Huey Hops
Dark Unrest.png
Rascally Rabbit
Chaos Core.png 18 Anima.png 3.82M
Bon Appeti Skillstone.png
Bon Appeti
Divine Retribution.png
Divine Retribution
Chaos Core.png 10 Anima.png 2.04M
Blackwing Skillstone.png
Eerie Veil.png
Chaos Core.png 18 Anima.png 2.83M
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