Background Edit

"Welcome to my winter wonderland!" - Alice

The Snow Elves have always avoided contact with the Humans. The believe interacting with lower life forms would impede their evolution.

Alice, however, was curious. She wanted to understand Humans. Eventually, she did the unthinkable - she left her people to meet the Humans. Unfortunately, Her presence gave the Humans another reason to go to war. Everyone wanted the beautiful Alice to be their Queen.

She isn't great at Hero Quest but her Battle skills make her a candidate for your Castle wall and main hero. She is a must have when attacking with Range troops. She is also used for some monster hunts and rarely in the Colessuem.

Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Cold Snap: Summons a gust of wind from long range, dealing damage to all enemies in a line, inflicting Freeze for 5s.

Skill 2 Edit

Frostbite: Creates an explosion of frost at a target, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area around the target.

Skill 3 Edit

Arctic Armor: Encases the weakest ally in an armor of ice, increasing their DEF for 8s.

Skill 4 Edit

Invigorate: The Snow Queen clutches an enchanted crystal, increasing Recharge per second of all allies.



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