การอัพ Talent

1.อัพพวกวิจัยเร็วๆ (Research I และ II) กับ สร้างสิ่งก่อสร้างเร็วๆ (Construction I และ II) สำหรับแต้ม Talent ช่วงแรกๆ  2. ทำเควสเรื่อยๆ 3.เลือกสร้างแร่ต่างๆในบ้าน 1 หรือ 2 ชนิดพอ (จะได้ไล่ขุดอย่างเดียวพอ) สำหรับอาหาร สร้างแค่อันเดียวพอ (เพราะยังไงตื่นเช้ามาก็ติดลบอยู่ดีครับ) ฐานสร้างทหาร มีเพียง 1 หรือ 2 อันพอ


Talents(Tuned and shaped): Talents come in all types and they all come with their own set uses. To start; there are generally two different branches that can be gone in to, one that appears to be for fighting, or warring. While the other branch appears to be more for utility, such as gathering, and increasing the rate of construction or research projects take.

With this in mind, a player should invest their talents in a smart manner. There can be many dark times in this warring game, as there is always someone bigger and badder. Let's delve deeper into talents now, shall we?

Utilizing utility talents: If perhaps you and your guild are sitting, gathering, growing, or are not too into fighting, it would be smart to invest in the utility talents that are available to the player. With these talents, you can finish projects quicker, gather quicker in order to get buildings and researches rolling, etc. This is why these talents were put into the game, to strategically use them when needed.

Recommended investment:

2 points in Food Production I
2 points in Stone Production I
10 points in Construction Speed I (MAX)
10 points in Research I (MAX)
2 points in Timber Production I
2 points in Ore Production I
5 points in Food Production II
5 points in Stone Production II
5 points in Ore Production II
20 points in Construction Speed II (MAX)
20 points in Research II (MAX)
2 points in Squad Offense I
3 points in Calvary Offense I
3 points in Trap Building I
15 points in Training Speed I (MAX)
3 points in Ranged Offense I
3 points in Infantry Offense I
3 points in Squad Defense I
3 points in Squad Health I
5 points in Ranged Offense II
5 points in Infantry Offense II
5 points in Cavalry Offense III
5 points in Infantry Offense III
35 points in Training Speed II (MAX)
Once this is done put your remaining points in Gathering I & II (max II first not I)

Utilizing warring talents: Now then, you should be somewhat familiar with how and why the talents were put into the game. Let's get down to it, if you are at war with someone, or you enjoy pillaging when you please, then warring talents are definitely for you. These talents allow for you to get into fights and destroy turfs all the while taking the minimal possible losses to your troops. It raises certain troop's attack, defense, health, and even attack, defense, and health as a whole! These talents are your go to talents if you're looking to take down some turfs.

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