Mortals were not always the rulers of this world. In times long past, Athena was a nation of serpents, a land ruled over by dragons. For ages this was the way of things. But nothing is permanent. A great hero rose up from amongst the humans, and this hero led an army to slay the Black Dragon and break the power of the serpents. This human became the First Emperor of Athena, and their rule began an era of prosperity that would last for generations.

As centuries passed, various factions with the Empire began to vie for control of the throne. Their lust for power grew beyond all control. Civil war broke out. The last Emperor was assassinated. The land fell into chaos as factions became kingdoms and many declared themselves the rightful heir to the throne. For over a hundred years, these kingdoms have waged wars, schemed against each other, fought for land and resources and troops. The people have forgotten the peace and prosperity they knew under the Emperors' rule. But nothing is permanent... In this time of conflict, you've been gathering your allies and training your troops. The way ahead is difficult, but you alone can walk the path. The time has come for you to seize the throne! Crush your foes, build your armies, and crown yourself the new Emperor!

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