Background Edit

"Tattler knows everything!" - Tattler
Tattler spends most of the time at the bar, enthralling the ignorant with tall tales to cheat their money. This is how he earned the nickname "Trickster".

How to Obtain Edit

Trickster medals can be obtained from:

  • Elite 2-6
  • Elite 6-6

After collecting 10 medals, Trickster is unlocked for hiring. 

Medals Edit

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

In total, you will need 330 medals to get Trickster to Gold/Legendary Grade.

Battle Skills Edit

White Green Blue Purple Gold
Psycho blast
Psycho Blast


Deals XXX% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Research boost
Research Boost


Research Speed bonus

+1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Max energy boost
Max Energy Boost



+150 +300 +600 +1200 +3000
Energy regeneration
Energy Regeneration


Energy Regain Speed

+0.5% +1% +2% +4% +10%

Hero Skills Edit

Max Level
Make em laugh
Liar's Sermon


Bewilders the audience with tall tales from long range dealing damage to all enemies in a cone and inflicting Confuse for 5s. Deals Physical DMG. Confused enemies can't regenerate MP.

Tampered arrow
Tampered Arrow


Coats an arrow with a secret substance before firing, dealing damage and inflicting Disarmed for 5s. Deals Physical DMG. Disarmed enemies can't use Physical skills.

Mud ball
Mud Ball


Slings mud at the enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Blind for 8s. Deals Physical DMG. Blind enemies' Accuracy is reduced.



The Trickster moves like a shadow. Before you know it, he's gone. Increases DEX.


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