Scroll Introduction Edit

Turf Quests are completed automatically every time a player finishes a project like Building or Research. Players can collect the Rewards from Turf Quests at any time in the Quest window. Players can only view the last 5 completed Turf Quests, the rest are hidden from view.

Reward Rewards Edit

These pages provide an overview of the Rewards from collecting Turf Quests. The pages are divided into subcategories:

Tips Tips Edit

The strategy for collecting Turf Quests depends on what phase of the game a player is in, but generally speaking players should avoid collecting them in for the sake of it, as there are several benefits to saving them.

  • Turf Quests can be collected to complete the Quest "Increase Might (Quests)" during Guild Fest.
  • If players are under Player Level 60, Turf Quests can be collected during the Player EXP Event for an extra EXP Boost.
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