Purpose of this Page: The main purpose of these pages is to provide you with the Quest Rewards so that you can get an idea of what completing quests gives you in terms of EXP or Might to advance your level. This has been split into page for each category of turf quest for ease of navigation and editing. The categories are as follows:

The strategy for turning in turf quests depends on what phase of the game you are in but generally speaking you do not want to turn them in for the sake of it. I found that in early game I was turning them in for the resources in order to advance my turf, in mid-game I used a few to push yourself into the next player level but in late game I amassed hundreds of quests and turn themed all in at once under and an EXP boost to gain millions of EXP (player levels 58-60 in total need around 42 million EXP, 21 million of which is 59 > 60) and resources in one hit.

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