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Turf Quests are completed automatically every time a player finishes a project like Building or Research. Players can collect the Rewards from Turf Quests at any time in the Quest window. Players can only view the last 5 completed Turf Quests, the rest are hidden from view.

Reward Rewards Edit

These pages provide an overview of the Rewards from collecting Turf Quests. The pages are divided into subcategories on separate pages:

Other areas where you are rewarded in a similar manner is within the transmutation lab with dark essence. head here for the values

Tips Tips Edit

The strategy for collecting Turf Quests depends on what phase of the game a player is in, but generally speaking players should avoid collecting them in for the sake of it, as there are several benefits to saving them.

  • Turf Quests can be collected to complete the Quest "Increase Might (Quests)" during Guild Fest.
  • If players are under Player Level 60, Turf Quests can be collected during the Player EXP Event for an extra EXP Boost.


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