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Turf Transformations are decorative changes to a player's Turf that can occur during certain special events. A character will appear next to the player's Castle, and whenever the player collects enough of a special currency item, this character can be upgraded. Each upgrade will reward the player, and transform their Turf. The currency items can be obtained through completing Solo Events and Hell Events, completing Lords Cup, hunting Monsters, and logging in daily. The character can be upgraded 3 times:

  • Level 1: 60 items
  • Level 2: 80 items
  • Level 3: 125 items
  • Total: 265 items

The character will remain in the player's Turf for 15 days after the event ends.

List.png List of Transformations[]

Fantasy Cirque
Character: Masked Goblin
Item: Mask.png Mask
Lunar Blessings (Lunar New Year)
Character: Lunar Rabbit
Item: Moon Box.png Moon Box
Pumpkin Palooza (Halloween)
Character: Ghastly Ghoul
Item: Creepy Candy.png Creepy Candy
Sweet Serenity (Valentine's Day)
Character: Sweet Archer
Item: Cake.png Cake
Winter Wonderland (Christmas)
Character: Snowman
Item: Snowball.png Snowball
Gilded Sanctuary (Saint Seiya Collaboration Event)
Character: Saint Seiya
Item: Saint Badge.png Saint Badge (Only earned in Daily Logins and the Cosmo Unleashed Limited Challenge)

Gallery.png Gallery[]

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