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The Upgrade Defenses research increases the strength of the player's Castle Wall and Traps, and unlocks the ability to repair damaged Traps.

Available Research[]

Trap Retrieval I.png

Trap Retrieval I

Wall Defense.png

Wall Defense I

Wall Repair.png

Wall Repair I

Wall Strength.png

Wall Durability I

Trap Retrieval II.png

Trap Retrieval II

Trap Defense.png

Trap Defense II

Trap Power.png

Trap Strength II

Trap Durability.png

Trap Durability II

Trap Retrieval III.png

Trap Retrieval III

Wall Defense.png

Wall Defense II

Wall Repair.png

Wall Repair II

Wall Strength.png

Wall Durability II

Trap Crafting.png

Trap Crafting II

Trap Retrieval IV.png

Trap Retrieval IV

Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • Total research time: 7466d 6h 24m

Research.png Research Trees

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