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Guild.png The key to easily completing Guild Fest without having to spend money,or too much time, is preparing for it. There are two weeks in between each Guild Fest. During this time players should:

  1. Do as many Cargo Ship trades as possible, to move resources into their Bags, and get items.
  2. If players are saving Gems to upgrade Treasure Trove, Battle Hall, Prison or Altar, or to upgrade buildings to Level 25, they should use as many Crystal Pickaxes, War Tomes, Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and Gold Hammers as they can before Guild Fest starts. These items can only be purchased for the best price, or bundles of x1000, when players do not meet the requirements for upgrading the buildings.
  3. Sweep Elite hero stages to get Hero Medals, but don't upgrade the heroes Grade, aka color. Players can do this during Guild Fest to complete `Increase Might (Hero Armies)´ quests.

Mark.png Items to Save

Can be used to complete quests easily:

Question.png Optional Items

These items can be used for quests during Guild Fest, but are also useful to save for other events, including Phantom Pains, and Hell Events and 24h Challenges, where Watcher and Chaos Dragon medals can be obtained as rewards.

These items can also be used for quests during Guild Fest, but are useful to save for Player EXP Boost Events, if under Player Level 60.