VIP Chest VIP Quest VIP Required VIP Level
1 1
2 4
3 6
4 9
5 12
6 15

VIP Quests are available from the moment the player begins the game. To complete a VIP Quest, simply open the Chest when it is ready, and receive the rewards. The player is given 1 chest to begin with, and extra chests are unlocked with a higher VIP Level, shown in the table to the right. An hour must pass for each extra chest in order to open them, although this can be sped up. The chests are reset at the daily reset time. There are a few Guild Fest Quests involving the completion of VIP Quests.

Reward Rewards Edit

These are the potential rewards you can receive for completing a VIP Quest. Rewards are randomized but you will receive anywhere from 3 to 8 of the items below, some repeating.

Trivia Trivia Edit

Quest Scroll (Treasure)

VIP Quest (Treasure)

There was a (since removed) "Quest Scroll (Treasure)" item that, like the Admin Quest and Guild Quest scrolls, instantly refreshed VIP quests.

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