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The War for Wonders, commonly abbreviated as WoW, is a common war event in Lords Mobile. During WoW, the Wonders (which includes the Base and all Forts in the current Kingdom) will enter Battle Phase. The following marquee will then display at the bottom of the screen:

The War for Wonders has begun! Time to show the world what your Guild is made of!

Troop.png Battle Phase[]

During this time, any Guilds will be able to attack and occupy Wonders. Wonder Stat Boosts will be received immediately upon occupying the Wonder, and Titles can be immediately granted. The Guild that occupies the Wonder until the Occupation Time ends will become its owner, and the Wonder will enter Protection Phase. In the case of the Base, its owner will become the Overlord of that Kingdom, or the Conquerer if the conquering Guild is from a different Kingdom.

The Occupation Time will reset for every successful invasion of the Wonder, increasing the length of the Battle Phase. The Occupation Time necessary to win the Wonder is determined by the current length of the Battle Phase:

Length of Battle Phase Occupation Time (Base) Occupation Time (Fort)
Under 2 hours 90 minutes 60 minutes
Over 2 hours 75 minutes 50 minutes
Over 3 hours 60 minutes 40 minutes
Over 4 hours 45 minutes 30 minutes
Over 5 hours 20 minutes 20 minutes

Once every Wonder has entered Protection Phase, a 120-hour countdown will start. At the end of this countdown, all Wonders will re-enter Battle Phase, and the War for Wonders will begin again.

There is no limit to the number of times the Occupation Time can be reset; only the onset of Kingdom Clash will forcefully end the current War for Wonders. If a Kingdom's War for Wonders lasts for over a day, it will be displayed in the Kingdom Gazette for all Kingdoms.

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