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The Winter event (AKA. Winter wonderland event) transforms your turf when you upgrade your snowman to Lv 1

The Winter Event is an annual event that occurs once a year for one week. You can get Guild Stockings and upgrade your snowman to get rewards and transform your turf.

Your Turf will be transformed when you upgrade your snowman. You will also get a reward every time you upgrade your snowman

Your Turf will revert back to normal and your snowman will disappear 15 days after the event ends. The rewards will vary every year.

Guild Stockings[]

A guild stocking

During the event, you will get a Guild Stocking when you log in at 1:00 p.m. The rewards provided are random. Your player level and your Castle level do not affect the Guild Stocking reward. There is a possibility you will get gems when you open a Guild Stocking

Snowman upgrade requirements[]

You need a certain amount of snowballs to upgrade your snowman. You will get rewards when you upgrade your snowman. The rewards get bigger and bigger as you upgrade your snowman. The maximum level of your snowman is Level 3.

Snowballs used to upgrade the snowman

How to get snowballs[]

There are a couple of ways to get snowballs:

Snowman Upgrade rewards[]

The rewards of upgrading your snowman vary every year. But there are a few general rewards

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